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stickman striker-Stickman Striker 破解版

By Adventure Games 2022-9 - 4554 Comments
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stickman striker-Stickman Striker 破解版 introduction

stickman striker 【Content】Control your character, Stickman the good guy, moving forward and defeat the enemies!Simple movement and attack actions. Dodge enemies' attacks and hit their weakness!◇◆◇Various types of weapon◇◆◇For start-up, your stickman will equip a pistol with normal power, after that stronger weapons will be revealed.With a short gun you can shot multiple enemies at once.With a bazooka you can blow-up a robot!Depending on the circumstances your choice of weapon becomes really important!◇◆◇Weapon upgrade◇◆◇You can use money rewarded to upgrade weapons after unlocking them.After getting upgraded, weapon's power and total bullets will increase.◇◆◇Fight with your Stickman friends◇◆◇Connect to Facebook and you can clear stages with your friends who are also playing Stickman Striker, or compare your high-score to theirs.【Gameplay】Super simple control!・Movement (Virtual controller)Swipe your fingers to move your stickman to the respective directions・AttackBullets will follow your touch point on the screen.In case when you've logged into Facebook but friends ranking still doesn't show up, please change your Facebook privacy to other than "Only me" setting. Please follow these steps to do that:■ If you're using Facebook app on your phone:1. Start Facebook2. Select following path [More > Apps > Logged in with Facebook]3. In the list of apps, select [Stickman Striker]4. In the Visibility of app, change to "Friends" or "Public"■ If you're using Facebook website on computer1. Access to Facebook2. Click the inverted triangle symbol on upper-right of screen and choose "Settings"3. Select the "Apps" from the list on the left4. In the list of apps, select [Stickman Striker]5. In the App visibility and post audience setting, change to "Friends" or "Public"——由用户上传

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下载Stickman Striker 3.0.0APK mod for android, com.dhearts.stickman

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stickman striker Stickman Striker 破解版

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